The school tries its best to provide transport facilities all round the area. Minimum fare is charged for this services however the parents can not claim as his right. It is not door to door service. The student will have to reach 10 minutes before on the respective stoppage and it is the responsibility of […]

Big Play Ground

“Good mind dwells in good body”. The school gives due importance for game & sports activities. Almost all the games, Martial art, PT, Various drills, Yoga are taught to the students on regular basis. The students are sent to participate in inter school competitions,  tournament organized at  state & national level all round the year.

Medical Room

The school is aware about students welfare. Their inconvenience are taken seriously. We have given medical facilities in the school campus .We have appointed regular  school doctor and  has all the facilities of first aid.

Arts & Craft

Rainbow is a mixture of seven colours and importance of any colour can not be ignored. Art helps to unleash the creativity and potentials of the children and teachers to achieve the goals.

Music Room

Music & dance are the best medium to relieve stress. We have music room with various instruments . Here the children are taught to use the instruments according to their interest since very early age. The school appoints qualified &well  trained music teacher. The students also learn vocal singing.


Reading is essential for academic as well growth of self. RIS encourages the students to develop reading habit beyond the syllabus .It has rich library stocked  with 5000 books of different categories  . About 20  magazines, newspaper , periodicals have been subscribed monthly . Every students is provided two days to use library. They are […]

Language Lab

Language competency is the greatest part of English medium school. The fluency of language with correct pronunciation with correct articulation  are essential for students to learn the language. The lab is equipped with such audio- video instruments that helps the learner in this regard.

Maths Lab

As per CBSE norms the school has developed maths lab too where all the equipment related to all the topics are demonstrated.

Computer Lab

The school has one of the biggest computer lab in the area. It has fifty computer laned . There are wi-fi  facilities along with teaching LED and printers. The students are brought to the lab for learning computer. The students of secondary opt computer as vocational subject for board exam

Science Laboratories

Learning with doing is an integral part of todays education. And RDPS is always forward to provide such facilities. It has all the laboratories like Physics, Chemistry and Biology separately and has been equipped with standards CBSE norms. The school focus the students to bring in laboratories sothat they can experience themselves what they learn […]